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 Styling & Training workshops with David Cheshire. 

Spend time with David at one of his special nursery workshops, each tailored to the level of knowledge the attendees have, from absolute beginners to those with many, many years of Bonsai experience. Small group sizes mean you will have plenty of 1:1 tuition.

Choose a single session or complete a full course across a range of techniques, various materials and design styles. Each lesson is sure to impart knowledge, styling tips, hints and tips that will greatly improve your understanding of this horticultural art and improve the quality of your own styling techniques.


Lessons will enhance the quality of your own Bonsai collection and give great personal satisfaction. 

Do check this page regularly as we will add more courses and dates moving forward into 2020.

 Upcoming late 2020/early 2021 courses ...  click on a date for more information and to book online.   

 Here is what will be upcoming...    

1. Bonsai for beginners 

2. Bonsai for beginners part 2

3. Bonsai for beginners part 3 

4. Advanced bonsai wiring - Juniperus and Pinus species 

5. Advanced bonsai wiring and styling- Deciduous species 

6. Advanced styling styles forms and techniques. Branch positioning and a look at how different species grow. 

7. Repotting 

8. Propagation- seed, cuttings, air-layering. 

9. Advanced grafting techniques for bonsai. 

 Here is what is available to book now...  (Please note: our large poly-tunnel workshop allows easy social distancing. 

Grafting Workshop 

 Rock Planting


click on a date for more information and to book online.