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'An Introduction to BonsaiLesson

- available at the nursery at selected times of the year (subject to prior arrangement). 

Bonsai are living artforms, crafted from everyday plants and trees you normally find in garden centres all over the country. They are not a dwarf subspecies but are crafted and maintained with fundamental horticultural techniques that preserve a healthy miniature tree, either in the naturalistic look of their larger cousins or styled to become living, flowing artworks, with skilled exponents worthy of displays in gallery exhibitions. 

People can scratch the surface of this wonderful hobby or be bitten by the bug that will allow them to delve into whatever level of knowledge and skill they desire.

It is a wonderful hobby, an exciting and highly rewarding pastime or as often happens, a lifelong passion!

Our range of introductory lessons, courses and training workshops can set anyone off on their own bonsai journey.


Whether it be a loved one, family member or close friend, our all-day (6-hour) Bonsai Beginner's sessions gives a great introduction - and they even come back with a bonsai they have created themselves at the end of their day.

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