'Niwaki' is the Japanese term for what we would call a 'garden tree' - being distinct from Bonsai as a 'potted tree' by being on a larger scale, grown for planting directly in the ground, but still retaining the styling and artistic characteristics associated with this sculptural artform of horticulture.


Our Niwaki trees have been carefully grown and tended for in Japan by generations of the same family for over 60 years. We select and import a range of Niwaki species - all being held in quarantine for 2 years ahead of being placed on display for retail sale in our Niwaki gardening section.

As a reflection to the age, the care that is taken and sheer quality of material, prices reflect trees that will certainly be the centrepiece of any formal garden design.  Some of our latest stock available for direct delivery is listed below: 

David maintaining some of the Niwaki trees we have in the nursery - these can be delivered to any point of the UK.



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