Workshop Day on Saturday 25th January 2020

Bring in your own trees for constructive styling tips

David Cheshire will give you guidance, any required care instructions and styling tips on a selection of trees brought to the workshop from your own collection. This will also cover re-styling or major branch work advice and supervision while you tackle any planned work on the material. A superb way to improve the asthetics of your trees, while learning valuable hints for the future. 


Designed for those with some basic understanding of bonsai techniques. 

Do please bring your own wire, tools and any potting materials you may require.
(Various supplies available on the day at cost, if desired).


The workshop starts at 10.30 am with a break for lunch at 12.30 (bring your own packed lunch or a self-selection is available from the garden centre café at cost), then your workshop continues through from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm.

The workshop is limited to just 10 people and it is suggested you bring no more than three medium sized trees. This enables David to assess each tree individually with you. It is a friendly environment, where a like-minded group of individuals will help increase your understanding of bonsai styling - across a wide range of species.

Workshop Day on Saturday 25th January 2020

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